Private & Duo Yoga
$85 or 3 sessions for $225

Want a little more attention? Do you have specific fitness goals or need a modified yoga sequence? Private yoga classes offer all of that and more! Before our first session, you will be emailed a questionnaire to determine more about you and how you'd like to utilize our time together. Your session will be entirely tailored to YOU. We can expand outside of what the typical class time offers to get to what you like, whether it's the physical practice, meditation, breathing, or general wellness. We will do one hour of physical practice, and have an additional half hour of time built in for questions, goal setting, and discussion. A private session means it's just you and your instructor. You are welcome to request any instructor at the studio, although private sessions are booked based on instructor availability. If you want to bring a friend or a family member, there is also a duo option--the same cost, time, and session just shared between two students. Duo sessions can be great if you are looking for an accountability partner (besides your teacher), and can make a private session more affordable when split between two people. All private and duo sessions will take place at the Elgin studio (unless student needs dictate otherwise--additional travel costs may be required for on-site private and duo sessions).

On-Site Group Classes
Starting at $100

Are you an employer wanting to provide some wellness for your staff in the form of yoga and/or meditation? Do you have a special event coming up that could use some zen-energy (conferences, bachelorette parties, fundraisers, etc.)? Whether it's a one-time thing or you're committing to a routine on-site class, contact me for more information (, I'd love to collaborate.

30min Coaching/Consulting

Do you have a specific fitness issue, need help coming up with a routine/plan, or want to talk through your wellness? We can use this time as you see fit, whether it's working on yoga, meditation, or your general wellness. Session can be done in the studio, over the phone, or at another location. Contact me at to book.

Meditation Therapy

These sessions are designed for those looking to use meditation to release physical pain, emotional baggage, or mental stress. Sessions typically last between 45-60 minutes. The time is most effective if you are somewhat familiar with meditation or have tried meditating before. We can work at the Elgin studio or at your space--the more comfortable you can be, the better. These sessions are available with Katy only. Email me at to book. 


ready to book?

For private, duo, and on-site group classes, please contact me at, and we can coordinate.