I'm new to yoga, can I still come to class?

Absolutely! I want classes to feel accessible to all levels of students. Modifications and challenges are available throughout class to make sure it will be a good fit for you. If you are more comfortable with a one-on-one session or a private class with a friend, you can find out more about those opportunities here. But don't be intimidated to come to a regular class!

What should I bring?

I recommend bringing a towel for sweat and some water for during or after class. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it. If you don't, I always have a few extra to loan out. For Yoga with Weights classes on Thursday evenings, if you have your own pair of 1-5 lb dumbbells, bring them! We have some available at the studio to borrow, but sometimes we run out of people's preferred weight.

Do I have to sign up in advance?

You don't have to, but it is highly recommended, especially for evening and weekend classes. You can click here to book your class online.

How do I pay? Do you do punch cards/memberships?

I accept cash and credit and debit cards. You can purchase a single class, class pack, or monthly membership. For details on pricing, click here.

Can I share my class pack/membership with my friend/spouse/etc.?

No, memberships and class packs apply to an individual only and cannot be shared among multiple students.

What if I have an injury/I'm pregnant?

First, talk to your doctor. If they give you the go-ahead to practice yoga, come a little early to class so we can go over modifications to make sure you stay safe during class. I have lots of experience teaching mommas-to-be at all stages, students with artificial joints, and those recovering from surgeries, among other things. One of the great things about yoga is that your practice can be completely tailored to you.

Is yoga just stretching? Will I get a workout?

While you certainly will stretch, also expect to sweat! My classes are Vinyasa/power yoga based, which is intended to build strength and burn calories in addition to improving flexibility and balance. Yoga Bootcamp and Yoga with Weights classes are very much a workout! You will definitely break a sweat and probably be sore the next day (in a good way!).

Can I bring my kids?

The short (and ambiguous) answer is, it depends!

First, it depends on why you’re bringing them—do you want them to participate in class, or just to wait while you take class?

If you are wondering if you can bring them to sit and wait for you to take class, the answer is I prefer you don't. It is hard to ask kids to sit still and be quiet for an hour, and it can be a distraction to other students (and often you). The only exceptions to this are carrier-aged babies who mostly sleep through the class. I don’t mind trying this, but if they get loud or fussy, I ask that they please be taken out of class to quiet down so other students won’t be distracted. You should come early to class to set up near the door in case this needs to happen.

If you are wanting your child to take a class, I very much encourage it, with a few things to keep in mind: 1) Your child should WANT to take the class. When kids are forced into trying something they don’t want to do, it usually doesn’t go well for anyone involved. 2) Your child should be old enough to understand that it is a quiet and respectful environment—they should stay on their own mat and not be disruptive to other students. 3) If your child is being a distraction, I will come over to your mats discretely and remind them that this is a quiet time. After this reminder, if they continue to disrupt class, I will ask you take them out of class. I haven’t had to do this yet, but I will if I feel it’s necessary to cultivate a calm atmosphere for all my students. 4) I don’t have a child rate—children count as regular students and need to be signed in and paid for, and you will need to sign a waiver on their behalf.

What/when are your workshops?

Workshops are generally held on Sundays and will be announced in advance on my social media (Facebook and Instagram) and via email blasts. Workshops are an opportunity for a question-and-answer dialogue, hands-on adjustments, and lots of demos by me. I want the workshops to be what YOU want to work on, so let me know when you have requests--arm balances, chakras, heart opening, meditation, inversions--you name it! You can find the current workshop schedule under the "Events and Workshops" tab in the menu above.

What if I want to practice at home?

That's awesome! Check out some of my videos, and also be sure to try some of my favorite sources for at-home practice here.

What are private classes?

Private classes are great if you don't want to share me! Haha. Just kidding. Private classes are the best way to really hone in on your personal practice by having me there to watch every moment in every posture, offer hands-on adjustments and deepening assists from pose to pose, and for you to ask questions about anything you can think of. Private classes are also a perfect option if you have an injury or physical condition that keeps you from a regular class--I can design a sequence just for you. For more information on private classes, click here.

What are on site classes?

On site classes are when I come to your workplace or event space and teach your staff or guests yoga. These classes can be fun for bridal events, conferences, and fundraisers. Some of the world's leading companies--Nike, Forbes, Apple--offer on-site yoga for their staff. It helps ease stress, increase productivity, and keep people healthier (fewer sick days!). It's great if you have a conference room where we can practice, but nearby parks also work. These classes are offered at a flat rate, so however many people show up, the cost stays consistent for your company, and it can be a one-time thing or more routine if you want. Email me for more information:


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