Photo: Neil Gandhi

Photo: Neil Gandhi

Etiquette and Policies


If you have injuries/concerns, please come to class a little early.

If you have any concerns that may affect your practice (pregnancy, injury, medication, etc.), please come to class early enough so that we have time to talk about any modifications that you might need before class starts. As with any exercise program, you should consult with a physician before coming to class about any potential risks to you regarding pre-existing conditions, injuries, or pregnancy, and it is your responsibility to follow your physician's recommendations.


Arrive on time.

Class closes 5 minutes after start time. If you see the curtain over the door is closed, and the sign says "Class in session," you have arrived too late for that class. I know life happens, but it is for your own safety and the benefit of other students. If you miss warming up and jump in late, you increase the risk of injuring yourself. Late arrivals can also be distracting for other students who are practicing, especially if we need to move around or create space for your mat.



Although not required, it will allow you more time to settle in and relax before class starts. Paid, online reservations are guaranteed a spot in class.


Make sure your cell phone is off or on silent.

If you have a special circumstance that requires you to keep your phone nearby or on, I completely understand—let me know before class if possible. Otherwise, please make sure your phone/smartwatch/etc. will stay quiet during class to minimize distractions for yourself and other students.


keep belongings out of the practice area.

Y’all know I like to walk around during class, and with fuller classes and more stuff around, I’m starting to trip! Please put all items not necessary for your practice away from the practice area. Items good to keep by your mat are your water, a towel, and props you need like blocks, blankets, and straps. Everything else—shoes, purses, phones, mat carriers, keys, etc. need to be put out of the way. This means in the cubbies or on or under the benches--please do not store personal items against the walls as we may need the walls for class.


If you borrow a mat or weights, please Clean them after class.

Use the mat cleaner to spray down the mat you borrowed, and use paper towels to wipe it off. There are disinfecting wipes on the shelf to wipe down the weights--please use them only for weights and not for the mats.


If you need to leave class early, do so before savasana.

I completely understand the need to squeeze in yoga, and that sometimes we need to leave class a little early. If you need to go before class is over, please make sure to gather your things and be out the door before we get to Savasana. It’s very hard to relax and let go if there is extra noise and distraction going on in the background. If you need me to give you a heads up about when to exit, I’m happy to do so, just let me know before class!


Be mindful of others when leaving.

After you grab your things from your cubby, please make space so others can get their things as well. If you need time to get your shoes on, want to stay and chat, etc., please move out of the way of the cubbies to prevent a log jam!


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