Yoga Flow

These classes are "workout" style yoga--you will be moving most of class and will likely break a sweat. Flow classes are a great way to gain strength, balance, and flexibility. Classes can always be taken at your own pace if you need to slow down or take breaks, and poses can always be modified to fit the student's needs. New yogis are welcome, and typically Flow classes are the preferred place to start!



Calm your Monday mentality with a 30 minute guided meditation, and set the pace for the week ahead. No meditation experience necessary, just bring an open mind!



Barre + Pilates + Yoga Hybrid

This class combines the best elements of Barre, Pilates, and Yoga to give you a workout that will leave you feeling stronger—and probably sweatier! Students also have the option of adding challenge by using resistance bands or hand weights. All levels are welcome!


Yoga + HIIT Hybrid

This class blends yoga with other forms of exercise— adding in elements of cardio, body weight resistance movements (squats, push ups, etc.), and more. There are also opportunities for students to increase challenge by using weights if they want! A great fit for all levels.



An intense practice for those looking to go deeper and really advance their physical practice. This class holds poses longer than the Power/Flow classes, and we work up to more intense and challenging peak poses than a typical Power/Flow class to really test our limits. This class may be a bit intimidating for first-time yoga students, however there are always levels and modifications available.


Refine Your Yoga

Wonderful for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this class slows things down, allows you to hold poses a little longer, and work more on alignment and details. Come and get a different perspective on your practice!


Ready to join in?

Class reservations aren't required, but are highly suggested, especially for evening and weekend classes. Click the button below to view this week's schedule and save your spot in class.