World-renowned teachers Carmen and Moises Aguilar will be back in Elgin, Texas, April 10-14, 2019, teaching a series of workshops, including new additional trainings designed for teachers this year. Mix and match the classes that most interest you—yoga classes only, teacher training (TT) sessions, meditation—it’s all on the menu. You won’t want to miss it! Sign up before January 31, 2019 and use code “EARLY” for a 15% early bird discount. Weekend sessions sold out last year, so sign up to guarantee your spot!



Come practice with the one and only @cyogalife! This year’s classes include Spice Up Your Arm Balances, Twist Alchemy, Potions for Deeper Hip Rotations, and Tip Toeing into Scorpions.


Do you have a love/hate relationship with arm balances? Are there some of them still inaccessible no matter how many times you try them? Let’s take 1 or 2 steps back and look at the big picture. This class will deal with how to acquire overall better/more efficient strengthening skills (and no, that’s not only arm strength), how to use what we already have, work on what we don’t, explore bandhas, breath, while we try a number of arm balances, variants and spins to adapt them to our personal needs. Lots of flying minutes assured followed by a happiness aftertaste... watch out!


Get ready to purge, cleanse body and mind from unnecessary junk stored and come out rejuvenated and renovated. Twists are a great tool to help us do so and they’re also incredibly versatile, with an enormous amount of possibilities and applications. Whether it’s sitting, standing, doing an arm balance or going upside down, when we throw a spinal twist into the mix, it makes things a lot more interesting. Come prepared to work hard, have a great time and leave feeling years younger. Some euphoria might arise as a side effect, beware!


Any ‘leg behind the head’ pose IS achievable if we work that external hip rotation consistently. Come ready to leave old preconceptions and beliefs behind of ‘no it’s not possible’ or ‘my hips are tight’, and enter a new world where your hips can open like a flower in blossom. This class will set a good foundation so you can take the practice/tips/ideas home with you and digest them more, deconstruct and explore other alternatives. Hip openers are thrilling, lively and full of possibilities. Often, we put so much pressure on ourselves, that our hips lock up like a treasure chest. Let’s find the key, explore some together and leave inspired for more!


Not your average yoga class, this backbend one will dare to trade into waters you might not do on your own, feel intimidated, lost or simply have never thought of. After a thorough warm up and having covered other backbends, some time will be dedicated to study Scorpions, how to do them safely, properly so we can incorporate them in our personal practice. This class is for all levels and you don’t need an ‘advanced’ practice (whatever that means) to participate. You’ll need, however, an open mind, ready to try and willing to see what happens. Stiffness, or being able to work around our personal difficulties, is a big part of the learning process. You don’t want to miss out on that! Come and explore...



A new addition to the menu this year, advance your teaching skills along with your personal practice with Sequencing and Adjustment Clinics by Carmen and Moises. These sessions are open to all interested, you do not have to be a teacher to participate!


The sequence of the poses in the class is the most powerful tool the yoga teacher has to make a yoga class to be memorable. A well designed sequence will prepare the body for poses that are not available without the proper warm up and preparation. The objective of an optimal yoga sequence is to inspire, prepare and propel the student into areas of his or her practice that were out of reach before. During this training we will cover the main themes, sub-themes and peak poses for each family of postures, we will discuss the correct structure of a yoga class and we will practice with some practical exercises and discussion.

Sequencing sessions include:

- Write down pose by pose the sequence taught during yoga class
- Discussion of that day’s sequence. Why those poses?
- How to make the sequence easier and harder or adapted to special cases
- General structure of a sequence of the daily theme
- Classification of poses and themes
- Discussion of peak poses by theme
- Practical group exercises to create your own sequence
- Questions and comments


Adjustments, assistance, support, are all ways the yoga teacher helps the student express and experience the asana in a deeper way. A well timed adjustment allows the student to experiment first hand how a pose should feel, imprinting its muscle memory and serving as a stepping stone into a better practice. A good adjustment can take a student into places that she cannot get by herself. During this clinic we will learn how to approach your adjustments in a safe and creative manner, so you can practice safely and efficiently, adding more tricks into your yoga teacher skillset.



This year’s meditation workshop with Moises is titled “Fulfill Your Dreams.” During this workshop we will explore two aspects of meditation. First, the co-creative aspect, how to tap into your creative power through visualization and emotion, in order to create the life you want. Second, we will connect with our divine aspect in order to create a life that will fulfill us in all and every aspect, surrendering to our life path and mission on Earth.



Wednesday, April 10

6:30pm-9pm: Fulfill Your Dreams Meditation Workshop

Thursday, April 11

6:30pm-8:30pm: Spice Up Your Arm Balances

Friday, April 12

6:30pm-8:30pm: Twist Alchemy

Saturday, April 13

10am-12pm: Potions for Deeper Hip Rotations

12:30pm-2pm: Sequencing (Hips)

2:30pm-5:30pm: Adjustments (Hips)

Sunday, April 14

10am-12pm: Tip Toeing into Scorpions

12:30pm-2pm: Sequencing (Backbends)

2:30pm-5:30pm: Adjustments (Backbends)



Where is Elgin?

It is about 20 miles east of Austin. If you live in Austin or decide to stay there during the workshops, I recommend giving yourself at least 30 minutes for travel time, more for evening classes (rush hour can be tough). The studio address is 28 N. Main Street, Elgin, TX 78621 if you want to check your journey on Waze or Maps.

Do I have to be a teacher or advanced yogi to participate?

Absolutely not! Carmen teaches her classes to suit all levels, whether you are new to yoga or can touch your feet to your head upside down. There is no reason to be scared to come to class (despite the rumors, haha). The teacher training sessions (sequencing and adjustments) are designed for those who teach yoga to help them better assist their students and plan classes—however, you do not have to be a yoga teacher to attend; it can definitely help you learn more about your own practice if you are interested!

What should I bring?

If you have a block and strap, bring them. If you don’t, no problem, we have loaners at the studio (but these classes are much, much bigger than normal, so BYO is appreciated!). For those taking the TT sessions, a pen and journal/notebook will also be necessary. Other than that, bring your mat and an open mind!

I’m from out of town, where should I stay?

There is a Holiday Inn Express very near the studio. There are also some cool and unique AirBnbs nearby. Katy is happy to assist with matching you with students who AirBnb their homes or private rooms, you can email her at if you’d like to explore this option (and maybe avoid some AirBnb fees). Another popular destination is Green Acres ATX, about 10-15 minutes from the studio and you can take fun instagram glamping photos. If you decide to stay in Austin, you will likely want to rent a car to make it out to Elgin. Uber and Lyft will get you out to Elgin, but won’t pick up once you’re here. Last year, people were mostly successful carpooling with other participants from Austin if you want to go that route. Contact Katy with any other out of town concerns!

Can I sign up now and pay later?

Due to the popularity and demand for these workshops, we are not able to accept unpaid sign ups. You must be paid in order to reserve your spot.

The workshop I want to attend is already sold out!!! HELP!!!

Yikes! We have a limited wait list available that you can add yourself to in case someone cancels or is looking to sell their tickets. Please add yourself to the wait list on MindBody or email and we will contact you if anything becomes available.

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel for a full refund before March 1, 2019. On/after March 1, we cannot offer refunds. However, if you find someone else to buy your ticket(s) from you, we can happily transfer your registration to someone else with your permission. Contact for refund inquiries.

Can I buy these as a gift?

Yes! That’s very thoughtful of you. Please send us an email with the name(s) of the people you are treating to class so we can make sure they are signed in. We encourage you to purchase the registration directly as opposed to a general studio gift card in case the class(es) sell out before the recipient redeems their gift card.



What is cYoga

cYoga is the dynamic yoga style created by Carmen Aguilar. While the classes are rooted in the essence and the form of yoga, the delivery is adjusted to our world. cYoga helps students get better by accomplishing poses they could not do before, relieving pains and aches in their bodies, improving their breathing and concentration. cYoga also aims at keeping students engaged throughout the class so they can make a habit out of practicing yoga.

The Basic Elements

  • cYoga classes are always different. No two classes are the same. Sequences are adapted to the theme and capabilities of the students.

  • cYoga classes are always challenging. Regardless of the level, challenging cYoga classes keep the students engaged and focused thoughout the class.

  • cYoga classes are always energizing. cYoga classes always aim to accomplish a peak pose difficult for the students so they leave with a sense of accomplishment.

  • cYoga classes are always transformational. cYoga classes challenge your believes of what is possible, what you can do and what you cannot.

The Class

The sequence of poses in the class is a key component of cYoga. The class will always have one or several peak poses around which the overall sequence will be created. The class gives the student the best chance of accomplishing a challenging yoga pose. Often students find that they can do poses in cYoga classes that they cannot do on their own or in any other class. While basic classes focus on poses and movement, more advanced classes add breathing and meditation exercises along with more advanced poses.


Carmen Aguilar had completed an Engineering degree and then a Masters degree, spoke 4 languages and was deciding in what direction to launch her career when she found yoga. A seemingly crazy choice at the time, she dropped everything and devoted all her energies to the study of this discipline. The deeper she got into it the more it fascinated her. During the first years she studied with every teacher she could find, completed 5 different Teacher Trainings while she started to develop her own style and her daily practice. Devoting to it 3 hours, 7 days a week, she has been able to reach levels few practitioners share. She has been teaching yoga for more than 19 years and during that time she’s developed a unique teaching style, cYoga, intended to make her students achieve their best both physically and mentally. In her own words: ‘cYoga came from a craving for an intense practice: I wanted to try things my body couldn’t follow but pretty soon I realized how much sequencing and warming up affected the outcome. An intense asana practice is not only cleansing and rejuvenating, but it can also change the way we’re wired. Our body is the most tangible vehicle to access our very own essence and stepping on our mat is an amazing and precious experience!’ In 2018, she sold her yoga studio, The Lab, and moved to Hawaii, where she lives with her husband Moises, while traveling around the world teaching yoga.


Moises started to practice yoga in 2003 when his consulting job demanded him to travel weekly from city to city and found that lifestyle highly demanding for his body. With the help of his wife Carmen, he started to develop his own practice in hotel rooms at five in the morning and his meditation practice late at night. Since then he has studied and explored the teachings of ashtanga, vinyasa flow, forrest and universal yoga. As a firm believer of Carmen’s yoga style, he co-founded The Lab with her in 2010 to share the benefits he found by following Carmen’s unique vision. Expect creativity from his class sequences and adjustments, be challenged physically and mentally and come out recharged.