About Sarah

I discovered yoga during college, and took classes in a variety of places and settings (a permaculture hostel in South Africa, an open air nightclub in Panama, a hobbit house in Kerrville) before establishing a regular practice when I moved to Austin in 2007. I took the leap to go through teacher training in 2009, but as I was a full time middle school teacher at the time I didn't pursue teaching yoga on a regular schedule. When I was pregnant with my second child, I decided to enroll in a prenatal yoga teacher training program. I found that yoga helped me deepen my connection with my second child, parent my toddler more mindfully, and relieved the aches and pains of pregnancy. After an amazing medication free birthing experience, my passion for yoga was reignited.

I've been teaching prenatal yoga in the Elgin area for several years, and I'm so excited to be teaching to the general public again. I bring my skills learned from working with women in transition—cultivating mindfulness, exploring the balance between strength and softness, and becoming an expert in one's own body. My classes are slower paced and focus on exploring asanas in depth as well as the relationship between breath and movement. I offer lots of modifications for all body types and walks of life. When I'm not teaching yoga, I'm playing with my two awesome, spunky, and fun daughters, aged 6 and 3. You can also find me working on my small farm in Elgin—tending to my bees, flock of free range chickens, or vegetable and herb garden.